Residence Chuang's

Arrangements of base and space:
This case pertains to the inhabiting space of three generations, it could be drawn into two sections with the living room is designed in between the two bedrooms.Looking at the design entirely it is all faced towards the living room, introducing light from the exterior which extends to the guest room.

Integration of functions and styles:
Extending from the concept of a cave, which begins by crossing the arched cave at the entrance, and line undulations of the ceiling connect to the walls at the end.Then extend from the public space to the living room and bedrooms. Forming a continuous arched design.The lights and pipelines are all hidden inside the ceiling, integrating functions and the formation into one single body.

Cut-n-dig formation:
The changing room is not the same as the traditional wardrobes, it was cut and dug in a concrete wall, then adding stainless steel hooks into it and acrylic boards to hide the wardrobe inside the wall.The link where the walls and ceiling are connected, render clearer relationships between the interior and exterior.The feeling of leveling is also much diversified.The design of strip-style sofas much coheres with the feeling of space as a whole, reaching conformity and smoothness.