Shi-Chieh Lu

Shi-Chieh Lu / The Director of CJ STUDIO

Shi-Chieh Lu, Born in 1965, Taipei, Taiwan. BArch in Tung-Hai University, Taiwan. Received his Diploma in Archi-tecture from Architectural Association, London in 1993 and worked as a designer at Raoul Bunschoten UK. He then returned to Taiwan to establish CJ STUDIO, working in architecture and interior design, furniture design, product design, and other related research and development. Personal brand Shichieh lu was established in 2003 to design a series of furniture and daily products. He taught at Shih Chien University, Ming-Chuan Uni-versity, and Tung-Hai University, and is a visiting assistant professor at the Graduate Institute of Architecture, NCTU. and Distinguished Professor of College at the College of Science and Technology, Ningbo University. Publications including Forging Parallax, 2003, Space Design Thinking, 2015, Registration Form, 2015.

Selected as one of the five potential designers on “Interior Design” (USA) celebrating 75 years special issue. TID Award 2007-2010 The Top 10 designer, 2011. CIDA China Top 10 Interior Design Person of the Year, 2015. He was a jury at the 2016 TID Taiwan Interior Design Awards and CID Contemporary International Design Awards, and was the general jury coordinator at the 2017 YOUNG PIN DESIGN AWARD Space Design. He also served as the communication Platform Consultant of the 2018 ADP Asia Designer, and the jury of the 2019 Chengdu International Home Design Award by IF, Vice Chairman of CSID in 2016~2019.

Notable works include GIANT GROUP HEADQUARTERS, Aesop series signature stores, The clothing brand DOUCHANGLEE’s space concept store and flagship stores ([wum], DOU MAISON, BiAS), Nuwa Fertility Center flagship store in Taichung , HUNGKUANG University dormitory renovation and Taipei Education Center-H Academy, Sky Villa, Fluid House. In 2001, UNITED Hotel was selected for the international Hotel Alliance. Nota-ble Awards include DOUCHANGLEE Taichung Tiger city Concept store (JCD Design Award in Japan, 2005), Aesop BREEZE (Japan, 2006 JCD Design Awards, IFI 2007 Design Gold Award), Residence Tsai’s (2007 Tai-wan Interior Design Award (TID Award Gold Award), 2015 Winner of the Furniture Design category of the Pol-trona Frau Award. Notable exhibition entries include The Taiwan Pavilion at the 11th Venice Architecture Bien-nale in 2008 and the 6th Art Festival at the Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei exhibited Dark City+ City Eye Exhibition. 2011 Taipei World Design Exhibition – Taiwan Contemporary Designers joint Exhibition and Interna-tional Interior Design Exhibition.