2017 Course at Xue Xue Institute - Design is endless adventure
2017 Young Pin Design Award Spatial Design - Convenor of the jury
2017 SAKURA AWARDS - Juror
2016 Raoul Bunschoten's Workshop,XUE XUE INSTITUTE
2016 Poltrona Frau X Ming's Heart
2016 Interview by Perspectives: There is opportunity for growth regarding the sense of value towards brands among the Chinese community
2016 Home 2025 http://www.home2025.org.tw/main/modules/MySpace/BlogInfo.php?xmlid=47534
2016 Conde International Design Award - Juror
2016 Yilan Chair Design Competition - juror
2016 Golden Pin Concept Award - juror
2015 Publication of Registration Form by Shi-Chieh Lu & Jeong-Der Ho http://www.csid.org/news20151118.html
2015 Publication of Space Design Thinking by Shi-Chieh Lu
2015 Interview by Modern Decoration Magazine: Sky Villa
2015 Meet Taipei Design: Signscape
2015 Aesop Microsite Launch Event: Lecture - Design concept of the Aesop Store
2015 Lecture at Interior Design Department of Chung-Yuan University: Space Design Thinking
2015 Taiwan International Water Show symposium: Water and Space Dialectics
2015 Lecture at Graduate School of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen: Space Design Thinking
2015 Lecture at Bookstore & Café Nothing: Space Design Thinking
2015 Lecture at FFEP Design Aesthetics Institute: Registration Form - The Innovation and Practice of Space Design
2015 TID Award - juror
2014 Interview by Website iColor: Fluid Design with Music
2013 Lecture at @Studio: Client https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txgHwKaMgR4
2013 Interview by Listening to Architecture of UFO Network Radio
2013 Lecture at Modern Decoration International Media Award: Taiwan Space Design Forum
2013 Lecture at Xue Xue Institute: Spatial Design of Shopping Mall and Flagship Store - Breaking the Thinking Boundaries; Expanding the Spatial Possibilities
2013 Interview at Hangzhou Design Week: Registration Form
2012 Lecture at Champion Building Materials Company: New Vision Forum of Architectural Decoration and Spatial Aesthetics
2012 Lecture at 3+1 Alliance Creativity: Client
2011 Archifashion
2011 TAIPEI WORLD DESIGN EXPO – Taiwan Designers Exhibition http://www.gov.taipei/ct.asp?xItem=8106372&CtNode=46909&mp=100021
2011 IIDE influence & confluence 2011 International Interior Design Exhibition
2011 National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts – Taiwan at the Venice Biennale of
2010 Taiwan Design Expo – Design Beneficence - Taipei
2009 Taiwan Design Expo – Design Essence - Taichung
2008 National Palace Museum – Camille Pissaro : Family and Friends
2008 Biennale Architecture 11th International Architecture Exhibition
Dark Space- Signscape
2008 Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei – The 6th City on the Move Art Festival Dark City + Eye of the City https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZaWJXowTuI
2005 Still Life City Publication
2003 Forging Parallax Publication
2000 CSID,Group Exhibition,World trad center,Taipei
1999 “Folding Urban pieces in Asia” -Taiwan Avant-garde 99, Kyoto Seika
University, Kyoto, Japan.
1996 “Theme and Variation”. Group exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan.
1995 “AA IN Asia-The Next Generation”, Architectural Association, London, UK.
1995 “Return of migration Figure” Taiwan Avant-garde 95,Taipei, Taiwan.
1993 Technische Hocschule Aachen Faclty of Architecture, sxRwth Aachen, Germany.