Quarter House

Extended from the urban landscape, lifestyle has been permeating into house components and gradually transforming its characteristics. Social events were more often held in public spaces in the past, but nowadays are more likely shifted to private venues to host social activities like parties in guesthouses. Because of social interactions, the client regularly hosts wine tasting events in this guesthouse. Besides, the house also acts as a temporary office, or a second home for retreat moments.

Mainly for feast events and less for residence, the house was reorganized as a one-bedroom apartment. Except for the bedroom, all the rest was unfolded in one open space including the foyer, living room, dining room and kitchen. TV cabinet was centered in the house splitting it into 4 quarters. Distinct and indiscrete, four quarters were provoked to animate through the stirring of the objects in the house like balcony, closet, kitchen cabinet and bar. Space of implicit ambiguity was also expressed by the elements. To increase spatial fluidity, contrast to the structural grid, curved surface ceiling was applied. Meanwhile, each quarter ceiling was designed differently that varied its curvature in different axis and eventually assembled into one piece. In addition, air ducts and other facilities were concealed inside the ceiling to purify the space. Also, contract with the grid system, angled shapes were adopted for objects like bar, shoe stool.

As soon as entering the foyer, one could see a closet made of perforated brass that allows sight penetration and vaguely reveals the interior. Dark colored timber picked for the main floor and kitchen closet is paired with the pure white ceiling to create a dramatic contrast perception. The organic texture of marble is applied to the kitchen floor, wall and bar to enrich the material variation. The main wall of the living space is clad in pandomo to suggests its higher priority. Rich visual, haptic perceptions are enhanced by means of contrast juxtaposition like warm vs. calm, organic vs. pure. A concave glass wall was installed along the exterior wall to form a semi-outdoor balcony. Thus it extended the depth in between the exterior and interior and benefited the spatial breathing.