Hiroshi Hara

The architectural planner for the HUIYO ARCHIMEETING Show House is Japanese architect Hiroshi Hara. His design concept adopts the approach of two structures surrounding a courtyard, forming a space similar to a compound, where each unit features a den designed with two-storey-high raised-ceiling. The spatial techniques applied in this design project for interior layout is projecting a a continuum from the architectural style, which similarly places the focal point on the den(balcony) with raised-ceiling. The first impression after entering the hallway is the den, followed by an open and free plane woven through by a continuous movement path to allow unobstructed view of the full interior space. The original layout of the site provides very few large openings for daylight, thereby allowing the space to become more secluded. Nonetheless, the open interior layout fully utilized the available daylight to brighten up the space. Each unit is an independent zone on its own, that is, each of them is a distinct unit yet connects into a series. The French window dividing the den and the living room opens to extend the living space. And the den, preconfigured as an outdoor study, overlooks the indoor work space for the children, while the green storage-wall accentuates the vocabularies of the nature, extending the concept of outdoors into the interior. Arc contours are applied to the ceilings to transform the beams and pillars, while the ceiling is a lighting fixture in itself. Gentle, undulating light flows in dispersion, creating variations in the space and allowing natural fusion among the individual units.