Residence Tsai’s

The design concept of this project is based on the idea of expansionism and minimalism, different living spaces within the residence are linked with the simplest vocabulary. Wrapping the entire indoor space with an arched ceiling.The kitchen, dining room and sitting room are aligned and extended to the wall where the bed leans in master bedroom to fulfill spatial needs by combining various functions with the least lining. Though minimalism is the central of design, details are never neglected where necessary. Mirror surface finishing is applied to the intersection between the main wall of the sitting room and the ceiling to deliver the unlimited expansion effect from verticality to horizontality and thereby to increase the sense of space and visibility. White coating is used on the arched walling of the sitting room and a bookshelf with simple lining matches with the material and tone of the ceiling in order to deliver an extension and gradational effect. The ceiling of sitting room extends to the master bedroom and falls at the window to create an attic space. The arched ceiling of the master bathroom is illuminated by the wall lamps and indirect lighting to bring a comfortable and relaxed feeling.