Residence Tsai’s

A large bedroom , Space within space.

The project is a combination of two units on Dunhua South Road in Taipei. Based on the request of the owner, the entire space was re-divided into two sections: the “master bedroom section” for everyday lives and the “guestroom section” for parents who visit the owner occasionally. Besides a deluxe master bedroom, a study room which could be used as the children’s bedroom later and a mini bar are reserved in the “master bedroom section”. In this section, an enlarged space is designed by the concept of a landscape. From the vestibule to master bedroom, an elevated floor is raised to become the background wall of the master bedroom. It is further bent and folded into a U-shaped space which becomes the bathroom. The combination of these 3 elements gradually becomes a one-piece design of an individual cave landscape separated from the guestroom section.

A huge glass between the living room and the bedroom maintains the continuation of two spaces. Curtains are the main elements to separate these rooms. When the curtain is down, the bedroom becomes an individual space, as if a space inside space. Two blocks of different attributes on the left and right are integrated by the 3D ceiling whose curve changes gradually from the guestroom to the children’s room, from gentle to twisted, like a cave or a hollow space. Planes are used to create the 3D cave feeling. The pipeline of the air-conditioner and lighting are embedded in the twisted 3D ceiling to make more space for the height.

The living room and dining room are combined to form a bigger space. The TV cabinet and the shot cabinet in the vestibule form a screening effect. The sofa is an independent component. The kitchen is like an island on an open space. The multidimensional stone-cut and diamond-cut counter top of the kitchen set creates the sense of an artificial stone island. Furniture decorates the space and balances the pure style of the original space, and also brings out our taste of life.