Residence C.C. Tsai's

Minimal Luxe

Having already designed his own home three times, the client hopes to create with this project not merely a space but an atmosphere, minimal yet reflective of the household’s lifestyle. Bearing this in mind, the design expresses luxury through lines, overturning prevalent notions of extravagance. With such minimalism as defining quality however, extra care had to be paid to the materiality of the elements used: in this case, proportion, texture, and surface condition all are vital links in the project’s high quality.

The first to come into view are the living and dining rooms along with the study, behind which lies two bedrooms and the kitchen. Divided in half on a 1:1 ratio, the project is split into public and private blocks, divided and marked by ceiling patterns. As an element of linkage, undulating waves in the ceiling work extend from the living into the dining room and study, linking all three together.

Given that the client prefers neutral tones and simple lines, the design uses white as the overall color scheme, punctuated by visual notes such as the black of the sofa and piano. Similarly, a minimum of materials is used, with plated titanium, stonework, and maple wood forming the bulk of the palette. The copper-colored sheets of titanium used in the kitchen, for example, can be seen in the door panels as well. Pairing a minimal space with the punctuation marks of designer furniture, the project is an exercise in understated quality and luxury.