Residence Wang's

This case pertains to an apartment building emptied out on both floors and with a garden on the roof, the lower floor (13F) as the primary space, which functions include the living room, dining room, bedrooms, and the upper floor (14F) as the secondary space, with functions including the library, a space for home theater, and an exterior garden on the roof, the design's core is mainly based on one actual sky-well which guides in sunlight at the center, and each of the primary and secondary space and their installments encompass this sky-well by all four sides, the interior space is more inclined towards accessibility, and uses the surrounding windows to guide in sunlight, making the entire lower space seem much more expansive and limpid at the penetration of sunlight, because the ceiling does not have a mast, so the design of the ceiling looks much like diagonal streaks and waves, piercing through the whole interiors space and extending to every bedroom, leading-on the rhythmic feeling and softness of the entire space, and the piping such as the air-conditioning outlets and interior pipelines are hidden inside the ceiling of diagonal streaks and waves, forming an unification of functions and styles, integrating the functions and the formations into one single body, all the interior gapping walls do not touch the roof, thus rendering the residence one big room found under one single roof.