Theme and Variation

"Theme and Variation" Sample House

In this case, in order to make the external environment (visual field and sunlight) and internal functions (service space) be able to correspond with each other through certain directional guidance, and produce new similarly interior and exterior marking effects, uncertainty has also stimulated the possibility for "Variations" of space (gap change and function usage) under the basic formations. Therefore, besides the TV stand, shoe rack, and storage cabin which were set as fixed furniture due to their characteristics of usage; the book stand, wardrobe, beds, desks, dining table, tea table, sofas, slide-doors and such may all be relocated. At the same time, the functions of usage may also change as the time, number of people, and even mood change, combining all into different kinds and styles of space layout, compliant to the administrator's demands. We hope that new methods of space usage could be discovered due to different living traits and daily needs in different time periods of the user, for this space does accompany the inhabitant and record its life.