Clothes designers Stephane Dou and Changlee Yugin opened their new boutique location at Chic Avenue on the 2nd floor of Taipei Q square, whose diverse environment challenged one's creativity in building a brand image within the mall environment.

The elongated boutique is right across from the public hallway, where open counters are located. Using the mode of a “store within store”, boutiques are intentionally wrapped inside the limited counter space for a layering visual. With respect to the boutique's structure, corrugated sheets often seen at construction sites are used, along with the specially designed punched material to integrate and interpret the space. Extending from the wall to the ceiling, the arc-shaped angles are threaded via an enclosing style, which is perfectly in concert with the polygonal dressing room space. Reflections of the surrounding metallic materials coming from the glass mirror walls also bring forth different spatial images via the different reflective surfaces. The display section covered with the corrugated sheets not only creates more displaying area but also a more carefree shopping experience. Display lights are projected upon the metallic corrugated sheets to produce a simple and soft atmosphere with ripples and reflections. The hazy rays coming through the corrugated sheets' punched holes amplify the layered light distribution at the same time.

At the entrance, the displayed products guide the customers into the boutique gradually with their visual routing, separating the boutique from most open-space shopping malls with a design that corresponds to the brand's low-key but uniquely-designed products. The gray-toned galvanized iron boards along with the mirror-surfaced stainless materials further emphasized overall consistency of the boutique space. Post-production processing of industrial materials accentuate the brand's spirit of contemporary yet avant-garde trendiness.

Category: Retail
Location: Taipei
Size: 112㎡