Hair Culture

Situated in the alley lane, Hair culture is a salon which has combined with fashion elements to provide individual with expert hair care and design. Using the dark brown laser-perforated metallic net to engrave the pattern of waves, it is created to bring a variety of layers and shading effects within the space. At the same time, it is a metaphor of the foams and bubbles formed during the hair wash to emphasis the figure of water. As such, a façade of a glowing black diamond being surrounded by metallic foams can somewhat be seen from far.

Having “black diamond” as the central theme for its interior space, a contemporary and refined space is created. A multilateral geometrical cut is adopted to depict the quality of the mineral stones. The premises are divided into two floors. The core space for both the first and second floor is the mineral modules which are sculpted by black mirror glasses. Hiding behind the mineral modules, there are VIP rooms and other functional sections such as the washing area, the staff room and etc. Within the white painted space, the multilateral geometrical cut is once again employed on the ceilings, with the addition of brown epoxy floor, reinforcing the image of natural mineral rocks. Besides, the chairs and sofa placed in the cutting and waiting area are all designed by CJ Studio. The warm gray leather of the chairs cleverly complements the white wall and the brown floor, preventing the atmosphere being overly stiff.

Category: Salon
Location: Taipei ,Taiwan
Area: 495m²