United Hotel

Layering is the presentational method of space in this case, using the splitting of space and the great numbers of pillars in the marking for public space, as well as using the centrality and marginal traits of the circumventive plane contrast in producing the vacuous and simple perception of the reception hall; the connecting, broadening, opening and producing of the existing traces which space has left behind, and marking once more the space through the unclearness relationship resembling the figure of a paper torn incompletely; with the main furniture set-up and lighting, lighting equipment fittings of classic modernistic styles, light-gray carpets, white curtains, independent bathtubs and white marble, to present the dormitory's fairness and commodity, an exclusive renewed taste; newly produced space streaks deem the formation of space more exposable, and it is no more the piling-up and transcription of the materials and symbols but a new search for another kind of structural system of the space existent. This system embeds the significance of space impression and existence spreading about slowly amidst a multi-layer structural site, providing the meandering traveler a reposing environment free from pressure, relaxing and carefree.

Category: Hotel
Location: Taipei
Size: 661m² (each floor)