Empress City Day Spa

Building a natural relieving ambiance in space, a complacent atmosphere, through man-made sources, controlling the lights and shadows of the whole space from a central control system, plus with the intendment to assimilate the orderly progression of a natural ceiling, it is able to see the lights on the ceiling being lit from the copper plates, sensing a different tone and ambiance after the reflections of light, and letting the water flow out from the fountain section, building a section of water in limbo without borders, rendering relaxing visual effects and using light-fiber effects flowing in the water basin and possessing dramatic changes, shaping an atmosphere so serene with natural materials such as white limestone, guanyin stone and ningbo padauk wood, in this kind of private space, serenity, time and time passing by, let people lay their tired bodies down and actually enjoy what pertains to the comfort and luxury of the body, mind and soul.

Category: SPA
Location: Taipei
Size: 2975m²