metamorphosis / de-skinning / re-skinning

The performance of delamination and intervention with membranes introduces a new set of temporal relation to the existing space. The spatiality transforms from a private domain, defined by fragmented objects of commercial display and their immediate zoning effect, to a public realm which constantly redefines its various boundaries and degrees of continuity within and beyond its parts.

The spatial intervention can be conceived as three intricate sets of relations between field and object. In the first set, the furniture on display belongs to the set of object; in juxtaposition, the white membrane introduces itself as the realm of field. The white membrane physically stages the objects on display, and metaphorically stages the drama of life, narrated through the extension of the objects.
In the second set of relations, the white membrane becomes the object, and the physical site becomes the field. The site renders itself as an urban public space, consequently, the intervention is not to subdivide and create varying degrees of privateness within a private space. In contrary, the intervention of the floating white membrane embeds the intent to re-establish a set of relations with varying degrees of publicness , entailing a new set of re-defined boundaries. The ambiguity within the new boundaries instigates dialogues between interior and exterior, private and public, old and new, existing and intervening, and other arising potentialities.
The performance of delamination characterizes the third set of field and object relation. When a portion of white membrane physically delaminates itself from the site's structure, it attains the property of an independent object through the process. In addition, the shifting and rotating orientations further enhances this transformation.

Project: showroom
Location: Taipei ,Taiwan
Size: 198m²