Platinum Dentist

Because of the long and narrow shape of the base, changes were made according to the original space formations, using the curved lines of the walls and ceiling to modify the central mast, and hide the pipelines and air-conditioning outlets, simplifying the arched shape of the stairs to lower visual disturbance, rendering smoothness in the patterns, behind the exercising of this curved-line method embeds somewhat its functionality. Clinics always gave the negative impression to people and made them associate with the smell of drugs, pain and pale walls, but this case in fact did not avoid applying those elements which make people get chills, instead it faced with a positive attitude the smell of drugs and the cold feeling that has been there ever since, and then transforming slightly these elements into an aura of aesthetics, and combining with practical functionality to form a kind of space paradigm with the most extreme conflicts (psychologically) yet including aesthetics (functions).

Category: Dentist
Location: Taipei
Size: 86m²