Completion date:2005

In the STEPHANE DOU - CHANGLEE YUGIN Sunrise department store, designer presented the avant-garde concept of fashion. Because of the enclose space and the long wall for showcase, designer elaborates the space as the laboratory to represent a new fashionable sense. In fact, this shop is designed similar to another STEPHANE DOU - CHANGLEE YUGIN shop in the Idée department stores. Both of these store showcases are made by stainless steel free standing in the middle the boutiques, and the shape gives you a feel of a ship cabin. Moreover, the light refracts the reflection on the surface of stainless steel creates an unrealistic and peculiar atmosphere which gives us unlimited imaginations.

Desiger Shichieh Lu
Assistant C.M.CHUNG, C. C. WU
Category showroom
Location Taipei
Size 33㎡