cicada studio

Knowledge Workspace is a space for directors, presented with its artistic characteristic beautifully reserved in a mixture of natural elements, humanity and creativity. Sunlight shines into the space through the large windows. Under the original naked pipes and cables on the ceiling, sliding black metal doors, instead of traditional dividing walls, separate the rooms, which can be rearranged according to the various needs of art professionals. The same space can be opened and closed depending on the art professionals’ different space requirements.

Between the closed and opened sliding black metal doors, there lies the flexibility and fun of using the workspace. It can be a closed-door meeting room keeping all the privacy or an open painting or photo gallery, depending on the required functions and usages. With the black metal sliding doors against stylish white base, the space is both sleek and profound.

The area is mainly divided into the director’s office, a meeting room, a prop room, a preview room and the pre-firming actor-screening and editing rooms, divided by walls of books, injecting a taste of humanity into the workspace.

Category: Director Studio
Location: Taipei
Area: 232m²