This boutique located at the SOGO BR4 department store extended the same fashionable sense and futuristic feeling of previous STEPHANE DOU - CHANGLEE YUGIN stores. On the other hand, it created another individual character out of this environment. Using a lot of glossily stainless steel which bends in specific angles like hexagons creates a smooth visual movement. At the same time, the white terrazzo walls extended form the ground and hold the floating form makes a perfect balance.

It seems a simple line through the whole space. In fact, designer has to calculate every angle and each tension carefully. This bending stainless steel of design is not only a clothes hanger but also a support. It is a very complicated technical skill, but you can hardly find out any nail or screw on stainless steel on the surface. Not too much decorations, no miscellaneous object, it represents this pithy concept of STEPHANE DOU and CHANGLEE YUGIN brand.

Project: Showroom
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Area: 50㎡