A simple but strong visual image of a truly modern shopping window is created through the white colored, exposed metal external wall. Track lighting is designed as an exhibition guide for visitors to feel the changes of the geometric layout formed with flowing lines and angular curves. From the reflection of the mirrors that wrap the columns, horizontally aligned shelves of metal corrugated boards display luxury accessories, and enliven space. Together with over 300 pieces of laser-cut punched metal webs in the ceiling, the lighting, air-conditioning and hanging displays combine in clarity and simplicity to display the clean, smooth style of digital technology. In addition to the hanging metal webbed ceiling, the cashier counter and storeroom behind the curtain address functional needs and allow more space for imagination. The streamlined curtains and display cabinets connote a tenderness of space and soften the harshness of the marble flooring and display stands without sacrificing the geometric feeling of modern design. The natural tones of the marble flooring correspond to the rhythm of the ceiling, and a premier display space is thus presented in both delicate and precise design using industrial materials.

Project: Showroom
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Size: 149㎡