Aesop, SKM A11

1. The inspiration of space design for Aesop store in A11 came from how light transmits through windows into a dim room, which creates visual and physical stimulation in various levels. The design concept of the space is to view the store as a window display, using the concepts of piled up geometric variations and multi-layered structure of a Gothic church.

2. Shin Kong Mitsukoshi A11 is located in Taipei Xinyi District, one of the most prosperous commercial areas in Taiwan. There are several department stores and commercial activities around SKM A11, including Taipei 101, Eslite Bookstore and Vieshow Cinemas.

3. As for the material application, the wall adopts antique brass and colored pinewood to go with the cement texture applied on the ceiling and floor. The material contrast creates welcoming and modern fashion atmosphere.

4. The island table adopts antique brass sink and tap. The shelves on both right and left display walls are made out of brass. On the right, the shelf is assembled in grille pattern, which creates a delicate and high quality atmosphere. On the left, the shelf is assembled in grid pattern, which made it looks like an artwork.

5. The interior space design includes the retail shelves on both left and right walls, the island service counter, and the cash counter in the rear.