Aesop, SOGO Tianmu

1. Concept
The inspiration for Aesop branch in Tianmu Sogo comes from the artistic style of Minimalism. By composing elements with succinct geometry like straight lines and local curves, the main structural column, together with the sink and the service counter, is integrated into a huge, one-piece island table that acts as an eye-catching focus in the space. The island table and the surrounding horizontal shelves that match each other perform a pure yet affluent experience in Aesop.

2. Site History
Tianmu Sogo is located in northern Taipei, an international neighborhood for a long history. It used to be an active area for the U.S. army and still houses schools for Americans and Japanese, accommodating relatively high living standards.

3. Materiality
As for the materiality, the wall adopts the rough texture of concrete, complemented with shelves coated in matte off grey paint and a brushed stainless steel counter, resonating the minimal style of Aesop.

4. Characteristics
The shelves and the sink with straight, precise lines are arranged with semicircular arcs, so as to enhance visual hierarchy, and stainless steel is adopted for the counter and the tap. Well coated metal grid cabinets are adopted to go with the column and the shelves, making the overall visual like a sculpture of modern art.

5. Others
Related spatial details include L-shaped display shelves and a stretched island table, that together creates a brand new experience when one passes through.