Giant Group Headquarters

Giant Group Global Headquarters

Giant Group is one of the worldwide renowned brands for bicycle design and manufacture. The headquarters is located in Taichung Science Park. Its brand spirits : technology, humanity, speed and nature are the conceptual key words for the interior design.

The headquarters comprises 15 floors. The ground and the first floor, together as the main entry, is a public space that serves the outside visitors. With the concept of fluid space that nods to the brand spirits and architectural volume, a bunch of curves were adopted to shape the space that guide, divert the circulation.

There is a secondary entry in the south end of the first floor that connects the exhibition section with a bridge, adjoining which an outdoor bicycle ramp bypasses to the next level. The auditorium was designed with a pared-back style that pays more attention to the natural quality of the wood as well as the speed characteristic.

The 2nd and 3rd floor house the public space for the inside service. Centered on the 2nd floor, the bicycle workshop is surrounded by other spaces of various programs with a "U" shape plan. The 3rd floor was designed with an open plan layout, except for the VIP rooms.

Various departments of the headquarters occupy the rest 5 ~10 floors. Office spatial layout is organized by the concept of "vertical corridor" as shared public space that penetrates through all layers. The head offices are located on the 15th floor, organized with a "U" plan. The head conference room is centered in the plan and surrounded by each head office.