Rouge Select Boutique

This project is designed like a museum, using classic and modern elements to transfer the new idea and quality into the shop.
Slotted angle steel is the main element used audaciously on the exterior and main elevation of ground floor for such a fine accessory shop; the slotted angle steel is a firm industrial material, but it offers the space an unusual beauty. The display boxes inserted into the wall are connected with details of the classic molding.
A glass jewelry show window is like a large crystal that penetrates into the ceiling from second floors to ground to attract one’s vision. Some showcases covers many antique old cabinets which accompany the jewelry items, these huge glass element signifies that time has sealed the most precious as jewelry in it. The sophisticated solutions in the use of materials such as stainless steel board, glass and cement cast elements also display an intricate diligence from design to construction.
The staircase is built with steel black tread contrast with the mirror surface stainless panel inlayed with a LED screen. The second floor offers VIP customers a lounger for fitting, here the floor is paved with wood planks. The VIP room features polished painted cabinets and large scale classic moldings on the ceiling to create elegant environment.

Category: Store
Location: Taipei
Size: 1F-69m²