Mother ship

This birth center presents a more hotel-like environment. At the lobby, the large curvature partition is not only to symbolize the belly of pregnant woman,but also to separates the public area, semi-public mother’s classroom and staff office. For presenting this smooth curvature, the mother’s classroom doorframe is tailor-made. The reception area is divided into two parts; the front space is for customers, and back is for customers visitors only.

Each floor is designed five typical rooms, one VIP room, a nursing room and a public lounge. The ceiling of the staircase lobby has a curving detail with colorful patterns to echo the vertical color glasses as bar-code on the pathway partition to create a lively feeling.The size of each room is 24㎡, its bathroom in particularly is uniquely artistic, and the custom tailored furniture helps the space to feel as a single cell organism.The VIP room is 36㎡, it is equipped with a small kitchen, an individual lounge, a more spacious bathroom and balcony. Each room contains simple detail and warm colors without excessive elements or colors to create a comfortable and release ambiance.
To design the interior of ”after-birth center” like a hotel. The lobby, it displays symbols of woman and pregnancy. In the lobby space, there is a partition that vividly reveals the enlarged belly of a pregnant woman. The curvature not only projects the impression of a woman’s pregnant belly but also implicates the energy of fluidity and blood vein from generation to generation. Behind the curving wall is a multifunctional space for future mothers to gather in and the office is hidden in the corner.

Category: Medical
Location: Taipei
Size: Ground floor 198㎡ , 1F to 5F 248 ㎡