In order to present the diversity of space at PEKOE, which integrates a restaurant, grocery store and cooking classroom into a compound store, the arrangement of display cabinets has became the focus. The delicacy and fastidiousness of food ingredients is presented in contrast to the dull finish of dyed plywood. Display cabinets are placed proportionally in a horizontal layout to extend the sense of space and ensure that ingredients are displayed in a well-organized manner to mark out their unique features in detail.

The natural appearance of wood materials is faithfully presented in a minimalist and natural tone. Simple and unadorned wooden display cabinets, partially painted white ceilings, a bare RC structure with white-painted beams and walls, a white sand and cement floor, and natural decorations present a refined taste without impurities. In this single space accommodating a product display area and a dining area, a countertop is erected in the middle to separate the areas in an open kitchen design where cooking classes are held and tea is served.

Category: Retail
Location: Taipei
Area: 93m²