The theme "Diamond House" was adopted for the fashion brand Pamper Heiress' display place. Inspired by the clothing and jewelry on display, it aims to present a bright and sparkling ambiance. In this diamond concept, the vision focus is a glass showcase crafted to imitate the multi-angle light reflections of diamonds, with various diamond shaped platforms on the four sides. The ceiling is decorated with folded lines and shapes corresponding to the angled jewelry showcase for a totally consistent look. The images of diamonds are everywhere, such as the magnified “diamond-ring stand” hooks in the fitting rooms. The whole area design is neat and smooth from large items to fine details, creating a sophisticated space.

Designer:Shichieh Lu
Assistant:Ben Tsao, Athena Liu, Chia Cheng
Category:Fashion Retail
Design period:2007.08~2007.11
Photographer:Marc Gerritsen