Space Cycle

A new fitness trend is converting its business model. Nowadays it is not the individual exercise that matters in the first place; moreover, it is the collective aura led by the mentor and the music that inspires members to exercise with a more carnival spirit. A new fitting club that features cycling and yoga is commissioned to CJ Studio on a high rise in the east section of Taipei. Due to its freshly minted slogan "Moved by Music", the fitting club adopts dynamic elements to brand itself more like a night club but without alcohol.

Following the logo color scheme, the orange color plays a key tone among background color of black, white and grey which is complemented with wooden texture to accentuate its organic nature. On entering the lobby, visitors are welcome by a service counter and then guided through a series of public spaces gradually bigger in size that comprises a display area, shoe changing, music information and a social lounge in the end. Shoe changing room features a theme wall where bicycle wheels are arranged in sets each of which is consisted of two wheels, one big and one small. In the music information section, visitors can browse class music style and tutor traits by using ipads. Within the lounge, under the chandelier composed by bicycle frames, club members can exchange experiences socially or rest individually overlooking the Taipei skyline.

The fit club features two cycling classrooms, two yoga classrooms, and one VIP classroom. In the cycling classroom, exercise bikes are arranged radially from the tutor's bike position. Likewise, aluminum light channels are organized on the ceiling like waves spreading outward to the sides. Along with the music rhythm, the light changes its color as a dynamic emblem of field tracks. The cycling atmosphere here echoes to the tempo of a disco pub. In the yoga classroom, because heater panels are arranged one after another on the ceiling, thus hot yoga could be performed in a hot and humid condition. In addition, railings are installed to the wall that could be convenient for members to operate ballet yoga.

Category: Showroom
Location: Taipei City
Size: 1,090m²