Dark Space MOCA

The 6th City on the Move Art Festival -- Eye of the City + Dark City the city

At night, signs become more important than the sense of space in cities. Signboards in the streets are associated with all kinds of activities which extend to the indoor space. In addition to the bustling activities down in the street, it is more an indoor adventure in the city night The city night needs another kind of map, a map with sign instructions. At night, the variety of signboards understates the desires of the city, an urban landscape—night’s topology—which is different from that of the day. The structure of the city is like a score which changes gradually as it is performed continually. Topological conditions are framed by the treble notes and the intervals they form. When the note defining the particular interval is played, events and objects are extended as if the horizon moved along with the individual.

As a topological condition, the city night becomes a temporal remark, and the structure of the entire score may be changed by the disclosure of a particular interval.